hello darl!! 1st of ollzz. . bitch pliss dont trying attend my blog. . .ini blog aku skati aku la nak merepek ape pun. . kau xpuas haty pg ngis kat jiran sebelah umah kaw okeh. .
Im just a nice girl who living wit a regular lifestyle. I didnt dress cool enough and also didnt have money enough. hahaa. Im not that good friend but sumtym I can be a good listener. I tend to be SELFISH often becoz ME, MYSELF and I is the first I put onto. Jangan bagi orang pijak kepala !! YEAHH, I can get CRY, hurt and angry easily.. Im a PREDICTABLE person.. Sumtym I god but sumtym its opposite. I change a LOT after I finished my high school. I've learn how to be a BETTER person ! so I move on.. No longer as a loser girl who used to be insult by my 'BEST' friend who think their good enough!! Kinda so simple but it doesnt mean I ignore anything go in front of me,, it just me dat doesnt like to live my life wit lie like peps keep pretending doing. Ohh forgot. Im going 25for next year. Hmm, not dat older laa but seriously Im afraid of getting old !! and YESS ! I am SHOPAHOLIC .. love love love shopping. My life become hell if I not buy sumthing when I was at mall. Im crazy to MAKE UP!! is must for me. Its a magic oke. wel,, Im not that pretty without putting on make up. GEDIX ? yess i am. HELL yeahhh. NOW zaty need to grow up MATURELY. that zaty oke . .

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23 June 2011

..:: jez 4 u !! ::..

cik zatty sangat gembira nan kehidupan skunk. . with family n my Hubby. . untung kan?? cik zatty ader 2 owng adik pompuan yang otak pun da nak same giler nan cik zatty. . .tp, cik zatty suke usik dowang. . heheh. . .ske sangat coz pas usik kiteowang akan gelak berdekah2. .  cik zatty xske kuar lepak2 xtentu hala . . lain la bler cik zatty kuar nan my sibling n jez my hubby. . . kuar nan dowang best coz kami sume ske soping. .  heheh. . biase la tu kan pompuan. .  cik zatty akan penuhi sgale permintaan adik2 cik zatty. .ye la cik zatty an kakak y terbaik. . wakakakak. . .xmalu puji dri sndri. . cik zatty sayang sangat at bf cik zatty. .sayang ..i love u till i died!! heheh da nak stat angau. . huhu. . .hubby cik zatty sangat suke teman cik zatty kuar. . .best best!! law bleh every weekend nak kuar dating an sayang. .  hehe. .  penutup tok kali nie i luff my life much much!!! 

** alwayz with u sayang dot blogspot dot com **